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Lairg & Rogart

Lairg and Rogart have much to offer the visitor, be they on the NC 500 route or just touring the north Highlands. The area is especially scenic, with plenty of varied overnight accommodation, places to eat and drink, and things to see and do.

Watch the short video to get a flavour of what our special corner of the north Highlands has to offer, and be sure to visit Lairg and Rogart as part of your North Coast 500 itinerary.

About Lairg

Lairg is a relatively large village and parish, with the village size explained by its central location in Sutherland and having four important roads converging on it. Sitting at the end of the 17 mile long Loch Shin, Lairg is a great place to visit.

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About Rogart

Rogart is actually a parish, with its central village called Pittentrail – which the A839 runs through on its way from the A9 junction at The Mound right through to Lairg. So it’s easy to get to for anyone on the NC500 route, and is only four miles in from the junction.

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