Visit Lairg & Rogart

Rogart’s roaming goats

If you visit Rogart you may be lucky to see our group of wild goats. From the big, shaggy billy goat down to small kids, they roam across the high crags. They come down to the main road, the A839, to graze.  The official name for our photogenic pals is British Primitive Goats.

Legendary goats

An old legend says that if the goats in Rogart die out, then the sea will break through the causeway at The Mound and flood back up to Morvich, where it used to reach before the road was built 200 years ago. It has been suggested that this might be why the goats are given even more protection – with the erection of warning signs to drivers of wild goats in the road.

Sources: Ray Collier in The Guardian and John MacDonald in The Story of a Sutherland Crofting Parish